Innovative Psychological Face Scanner technology is one of the first in the field of operational psychodiagnostics on the individual characteristics of a human face. It is created by the team Y&S APPS DEVELOPMENT INC. according to the results of their own long-term empirical studies on different samples. Our team is multidisciplinary it includes specialists from various fields (psychologists teachers programmers recruiters staff etc.) who have successful scientific and practical experience.

The Psychological Face Scanner technology is based on the author’s approaches to the assessment of the anthropometric features of a human face the creation of a unique biometric model and the corresponding psychological interpretation of the results obtained.

This technology is constantly being improved. In this direction new empirical studies are regularly conducted with the aim of increasing the validity and reliability of the results expanding the psychodiagnostic capabilities of the technology.

Today, Psychological Face Scanner allows you to diagnose the following features:

– emotional stability;

–  interacting with environment;

– adjustability;

– tempo of behavior;

– moral normativity;

– interpersonal skills;

– a potential for adaptation;

– internal self-acceptance;

– suspicion;

– leadership potential;

– internal inclemency;

– internal self-restraint;

– extroversion / introversion;

– mental fatigue;

– subjective and physical sensation of comfort;

– subjective-external feeling of satisfaction.

The periodic use of Psychological Face Scanner makes it possible to observe positive or negative changes in real time, change behavior, plan daily activities, and choose the best ways of personal development. Thanks to the close connection that exists between mental and physical health, finding inner harmony positively influences physical well-being and it becomes an important factor for the prevention of various diseases.

By obtaining such information you can:

– easily adapt to different routine situations, avoiding unnecessary stress. It was found that a prolonged stay in a state of stress can degenerate into exhaustion and leads to dangerous physical and mental health disorders. The psychological adaptation skills allow to avoid negative consequences of stress, prevail difficult situations and gain self-confidence.

– to change behavior. Usually, it is difficult for a person to see himself from others perspective and to objectively evaluate his daily actions, habits, and style of communication. An impartial assessment of individual psychological characteristics, obtained by Psychological Face Scanner, will give you a guide to those elements of your behavior that may differ from the generally accepted standards of conduct. By working on the certain personality traits, you can become more attractive and interesting for communication, create a positive image among the people around you, strengthen self-esteem and dignity.

– adequately assess strengths and weaknesses for the purposeful personal development. By emphasizing on developing the best personal characteristics and by controlling weaknesses, you will contribute to your personal growth, help yourself to succeed in your job and find the harmony in your own relationships.

– determine a scope of activities, a social circle, hobbies, etc. Almost any activity demands to have certain personal psychological characteristics. For example, a job, among the duties of which is to communicate with different people will bring satisfaction and success to a sociable person. At the same time an introvert will have to constantly struggle with himself, experiencing internal discomfort. But working with figures and documents, collecting and analyzing information, making a strategy, planning, and various types of creative activity are those areas where he will feel comfortable and will be able to come in full force. Having learned your psychological characteristics, you can discover new ways of personal fulfillment, taking joy in your favorite business and communicating with like-minded people.

Knowing the individual psychological characteristics of your personality will help you understand your inner world, build relationships with others, successfully realize your potential in job, family life, hobbies, creativity.

“Nosce te ipsum” – “know yourself,” read the inscription on the wall of the ancient Delphic temple. Even in ancient times, the sages understood how much such knowledge gives. Elaborating this idea, the philosopher Chilon said: “Know yourself and you will know Gods and the Universe”.


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