PEScanner Free

The mobile app PEScanner Free (psycho-emotional scanner) is a convenient mobile tool that allows you to do automated psychodiagnostics of a person by photo in a couple of seconds.
After downloading and installing PEScanner Free on your mobile device, you can get the objective information about your individual psychological characteristics. The periodic use of PEScanner makes it possible to observe positive or negative changes in real time, change behavior, plan daily activities, and choose the best ways of personal development.
PEScanner Free allows to carry out diagnostic of the following features:
1. Extroversion / Introversion – characterizes the mental orientation of a person either toward objects in the external world or toward the inner subjective world.
2. Mental fatigue – characterizes the state to a greater extent reflecting fatigue, decreased motivation to professional activity, reduced tolerance to unfavorable labor factors.
3. Subjective and physical sensation of comfort – characterizes mainly physical sensations, feeling of physical comfort, inward satisfaction with the current feeling.
4. Subjective-external feeling of satisfaction – characterizes mainly inner feelings of satisfaction with your physical appearance, body.
The individual data captured by PEScanner Free (photos, data of psychological analysis) are provided only to the user PEScanner. Data is not sent to the developers, is not transferred to third parties and is not used for other purposes.
You can download and install PEScanner Free on your mobile device by following this link:
You can contact developers of PFScanner Bonus via e-mail:

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