for the use of service titled “Psychological Face Scanner Service”

The document “Agreement for the use of service titled “Psychological Face Scanner Service” is a proposal of the service Administration to make an agreement on the terms and conditions specified hereunder.

Our Users’ enjoyment of our service and their full awareness of their rights and obligations is a very important issue for us. That is why we have published the Agreement where all essential conditions of your service usage provided by Psychological Face Scanner are described.

Before using Psychological Face Scanner we recommend you read the Agreement in its entirety.

1.Terms and definitions

1.1. Psychological Face Scanner (the Service) is a platform made up of two parts:

the website where all the Services are described, and which is designed to familiarise the User with the Service facilities (hereinafter – the Site);

the application for mobile phones PFScanner (psychological face scanner), FDScanner (face diagnostics scanner), PEScanner (psycho-emotional scanner) which gives the Users an opportunity to carry out the automated person’s psychological diagnostic by using the face photo (hereinafter – the Application).

1.2. Administration Y&S APPS DEVELOPMENT registered at the following address: 6590 DUNNEDIN ST. BURNABY BC V5B 1Y8 CANADA, it administers the Service. The Administration has all exclusive rights to the Service.

1.3. The User -any person, who concludes the Agreement with the Administration in his/ her own or others interests in compliance with the requirements of the governing law and the Agreement.

1.4. The Services- an automated person’s psychological diagnostic by using the face photo, provided by the Administration and available for the Users either on the Site or in the Application. The Services exactly in particular provide the User with an opportunity to use certain functions of the Website or the Application by the Software-as-a-Service model. It includes any additional or optional services offered by the Administration in the Service.

1.5. Terms of service (Agreement) – the Agreement defines the conditions and procedure of the service use, regulates the relationships between the Administration and the User.

2.General conditions

2.1. The Agreement is a legally binding document for the User’s review before using Psychological Face Scanner. It regulates the relationship between the Administration and the User originating from the Psychological Face Scanner use.

2.2. Using Psychological Face Scanner and the Service, you agree that:

you have become familiar with the Agreement terms in full before using Psychological Face Scanner and the Service;

the Agreement is an offer, and your usage of Psychological Face Scanner in any form means that you accept all the terms of the Agreement in full without any exceptions and limitations on your side (acceptance). Use of Psychological Face Scanner on other terms is not allowed. There is no need to sign a bilateral Agreement, concluded by the acceptance of the Offer, it comes into effect in electronic form;

if you disagree with the terms of the Agreement or do not have rights to conclude it by force of applicable law of your country, you should stop any use of Psychological Face Scanner and its services;

the Administration can change the Agreement (including any part of it) without any special notification.

3.Subject of agreement

3.1. Psychological Face Scanner provides the User with:

non-exclusive license of website, applications and its software tools for their intended use for informative purposes only as prescribed by the custom site and application services;

non-exclusive license of application use in full form as prescribed by the custom application services.

3.2. Specified in article 3.1. The User is provided with the license agreement for the period during which and within the territory on which the Site and the Application are available to the User.

4.Service terms of use

4.1. The User via Psychological Face Scanner has the ability to:

carry out the automated person’s psychological diagnostic by using the face photo in the amount and on the terms mentioned on the website and the applications;

have access to the trial and full functionality of the Service;

commit any acts provided by the explicit functions of Website and Applications.

4.2. The User must refrain from:

avoiding technical restrictions on the Website and in the Applications;

exploring the technology, decompiling of the Site and Application;

creating the website and application copies and copying their design;

changing the Site, the Application by any means;

committing the actions directing to changing the Website or Application’s functioning and efficiency.

4.3. The User should use the Website and Applications faithfully. While using the Website or the Application the User should not break the applicable laws of his or her country and infringe the rights and freedoms of third party, morality and ethics.

4.4. The User is obliged to use photos not infringing the Rights of the third party for scanning (including privacy right and exclusive intellectual property rights) and to use photos only if the User has the sufficient rights for it.

4.5. The User is prohibited from sending any content to Psychological Face Scanner which:

defames someone, invades the privacy, which is obscene, pornographic, racist, abusive or menacing;

violates any law or may be regarded as a violation of any law;

which is confidential or secret information protected by the law;

which includes malware, or any other computer code, files or programs aimed at interrupting, destroying or limiting the functionality of any computer software, hardware or telecommunications.

4.6. The User grants Psychological Face Scanner the right to use the images, loaded by him or her via Website or Applications under the terms of a royalty-free non-exclusive license during the entire period of the exclusive right validity and all over the world. At the same time, Psychological Face Scanner has the right to use the mentioned images only for the purposes necessary for the Website and Applications functionality.

4.7. The Administration has the right to place the advertising on the Website and in the Applications. The User agrees to receive the relevant advertising and informational messages from Psychological Face Scanner.

4.8. The Administration reserves the right to change or delete, for a certain time or forever, any part of any program software or entirely, services of Psychological Face Scanner, with or without the notice, and/or establish the general guidelines and limitations on their use.

4.9. The use of Psychological Face Scanner is at the User’s own risk. All data, information, software, means, services and other content of the Services are provided “as is” or “as available” without any explicit or implied warranty. The Administration does not guarantee that the availability, continuity and infallibility of Psychological Face Scanner function, that all the defects will be improved, or that with the help of Psychological Face Scanner or Services which make them available there will not be viruses or malware.

4.10. The Administration is not responsible for any losses (direct or consequential) and harm suffered by the User as a result of any use and inability to use materials, software, objects, information, Psychological Face Scanner services, no matter what causes these losses. All charges for loss set-off and compensation for damage are done by the User.

4.11. The Administration bears no responsibility if Psychological Face Scanner is used for any unlawful purposes by the User. Accepting the terms of the Agreement the User confirms that he or she uses the Service only for lawful purposes in accordance with the laws of the country (area) where he or she finds himself or herself.

4.12. The Administration reserves the right to investigate the suspected breaches of the Agreement. The Administration reserves the right to collect the data from any other User about the User, if suspected of breach of the Agreement. The Administration cooperates fully with any law-enforcement agencies which make or send the enquiries for any User who is said to break the current laws.

4.13. Psychological Face Scanner can connect the Users with other services, websites and Internet resources. Psychological Face Scanner does not control these resources and is not responsible for their content. The links to the third-party resources do not mean that the Administration approves of them. The Administration cannot guarantee the User’s satisfaction with any products or services purchased on the third-party resources.

4.14. All materials presented in Psychological Face Scanner are protected by copyright and patent rights. Some logos or other images in the Service can be protected by the law.

4.15. The User’s right to use Psychological Face Scanner or other materials or content hosted in it should be accompanied by the observance of an Agreement. The modification or use of the material or any other content hosted on Psychological Face Scanner Service for purposes not permitted by the Agreement is intellectual property rights violation and prohibited by the law. Any materials hosted in Psychological Face Scanner cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transferred, shared and used in any way not approved by the Administration.

4.16. The Administration always considers the Users’ opinion of Psychological Face Scanner. However, the Administration policy is that it will not evaluate unsolicited offers, concepts, stories or any other potential content.

4.17. The User is prohibited from using any programs, services or tools to endanger the security or interfere with the system resources of the Service and/or User accounts. The use or distribution of tools as a threat to security (for example, hacking or online probing tools) is strictly prohibited. Where violations of the described cases are detected, the Administration reserves the right to submit the information about the breaker to the system administrators of other services, companies, and governments to assist them with solving the security incidents.

5.Final provisions

5.1. All disputes of the Parties will be resolved through negotiations. The disputes arousing out of the Agreement and regulated by the terms of service will be resolved with a mandatory pre-trial (pre-action) procedure. The term of the pre-trial procedure is within 30 (thirty) working days from the receipt of the claim. If there is no agreement on the settlement of the dispute, such a dispute is subject to review and resolution in the court at the place of registration of the Administration, as well as in accordance with the legislation at the place of registration of the Administration.

5.2. If any term of the Agreement is annulled and not applicable, all other terms of the Agreement remain valid.

5.3. All materials and services of Psychological Face Scanner existing nowadays, and any future versions and modifications fall under the Agreemen.

5.4. All suggestions or questions related to the use of the Psychological Face Scanner service should be directed to the e-mail address